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Red Emperor provided fine Cantonese cuisine in Southgate since 1992. It has long been considered one of Melbourne’s best Chinese restaurants.

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From famous Yum Cha to sumptuous banquets.

Enjoy Cantonese cuisine with their consistent service and river view. It also offers a wide range of option which suits your special needs, including gluten-free and vegetarian.

Yum Cha Daily
Highly skilled Dim Sum Chefs start working around dawn at Red Emperor every day. Vast varieties of Dim Sum are served traditionally on trolleys. Prices range from $6.00 to $12.00. Choose to pay by actual consumption or indulge in ‘All You Can Eat Yum Cha’ at $45.00 per person on weekdays and $55.00 on weekends.

Ala-Cart Menu
Looking for a fantastic meal for special occasion? Red Emperor offer fresh seafood picked live from the tanks, including Snow Crab, Abalone and Coral Trout. Not only serving traditional Provincial Specialities, but also ‘Dundee’s Selection’ ,which nicely combining Australian and Chinese style. Call now and explore a whole new world.

What's on

Red Emperor Daily Yum Cha!

Come in and try Red Emperor‘s famous Yum Cha! Highly skilled Dim Sum Chefs start working around dawn at Red Emperor every day. Try their varieties of Dim Sum, served traditionally on trolleys. P...

Return of the original ‘Emperors’

Red Emperor has announced the return of Chef Hon Kau HUI to his post. Hon Kau was at the helm of the Red Emperor kitchen from 1995 until it was sold to the current new owners in 2013. He returns wit...

Christine Yong, manager of Red Emperor

We have a chat to Red Emperor's manager of 21 years, Christine, about what makes Red Emperor Southgate so special. ...

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