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Waterslide Bar

A cocktail bar inspired by the historic origins of Melbourne's love affair with the Yarra River

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An exciting new venue has opened its doors at Southgate

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Waterslide Bar pays tribute to the colourful area once known as “near Princes Bridge”. Favoured as a circus location and outdoor playground since the 1870s, Princes Bridge was Melbourne’s entertainment hub until well into the 20th century. Just metres from Southgate’s spiral staircase, adventure seekers used to hop into a water chute taller than the skyscrapers of the time. They would then be propelled down a wooden waterslide, fully dressed to the nines!

Waterslide Bar is a tip of the hat to its turn-of-the-century beginnings. Imagery from the era adorns the walls in the form of old prints of this former well-to-do and showy playground. Waterslide taps into these old world delights that have enraptured Melburnians since the booming Gold Rush, when it was one of the richest cities in the world.

Waterslide invites you to toast the unique city style of days gone by, with signature cocktails and a menu made to share with good friends, all in the luxury surrounds.

Now open till 1am!

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