Maybe it’s time to finally curl up with that new book, or organise those blasted taxes or overflowing pantry?

We’ve compiled the best winter-ready reading tips, recipes and organisational tricks from our restaurants, bars and retailers.

Hearty meals + hot cocktails = winter’s cure

Winter cooking calls for hearty dishes filled with rich ingredients and comforting flavours that will warm you from the inside out. Southgate’s eateries are delivering new winter menus, loaded with decadent new dishes and steaming hot plates of long running favourites.


Risotto made easy

Full of flavor, a winter risotto makes for a deeply satisfying dinner, but it can be a little difficult to master in the kitchen. Fortunately, Tutto Bene’s Nathan Scarfo is sharing his tips and tricks to master the perfect risotto sure to impress your dinner guests.

With Tutto Bene’s hugely popular risotto masterclasses happening throughout winter, you have the opportunity to learn first-hand how to create the perfect risotto. Learn about the right rice to use (clue: it’s not Arborio, and we’ll let you try his preparation of both to prove the difference), the truth behind much debated cooking methods and and how to choose the best produce and ingredients from the season ahead. Masterclasses are selling fast, on Wednesday 13th June and Wednesday 11th July (with August already SOLD OUT), for more information visit the Tutto Bene website.

Once you have learnt all the tips and tricks, why not try this Tutto Bene favourite at home?

View the recipe here.


Seaworthy feasts

We often associate seafood with summer, but a hearty fish dish still has a certain charm in the depths of winter. P.J.O’Brien’s Seafood Chowder is one of the easiest dishes to create for a full flavoured feast.

A staple on the Irish’s pub’s menu, their Seafood Chowder is one of our ‘must-try’ winter dishes and can be enjoyed at home with their recipe.


Waterslide Bar’s hit hot cocktail – for a limited time only

Wrapping frozen fingers around a hot cocktail is one of the best ways to warm up this winter (hot dates optional), and one of our favourites is The Fitzroy Hipster, Waterslide Bar’s cheeky hot buttered rum cocktail.

 Only available for the month of June, The Fitzroy Hipster mixes a spice whipped butter with rum and boiling water, delivering a decadent smoothness to your tongue, that is irresistible, yet surprisingly light on the stomach. It’s the perfect after work treat, just make sure you enjoy it before it disappears off the menu.

If you love this drink (and we know you will), you might want to have a go at recreating it at home. We’ve been able to acquire Waterslide’s own recipe, just so you can impress your cocktail party guests. View the recipe here.