Makes 6 portions.

Use 140g moulds.




3 leaves bloomed gelatine

700g cream

150g milk

100g white chocolate – melted


To Garnish

Seasonal fruit such as mandarin

200g macadamia nuts

15 digestive biscuits



Combine cream and milk over a medium heat and bring to a simmer.

Remove from heat and add in bloomed gelatine and melted white chocolate

Pour into moulds. Refrigerate. Allow to set for 4 hours.

For the sweet biscuit crumb:

Gently crush digestive biscuits to form a rough crumb.

For the macadamia crumb:

Gently crush the macadamia nuts to form a rough crumb.

Turn moulds out and garnish with seasonal fruit, macadamia and sweet biscuit crumb. Serve to your guests.