Waterslide Bar is pleased to introduce a new winter cocktail menu. Graced daily by all characters of life from your general punters, to high rolling travellers, Waterslide was inspired by the diversity of theirguests, the interactions, and the overall setting in creating their latest cocktail offering.

Waterslide Bar is a stunning, sometimes intimidating venue overlooking the Yarra River. Their drinks are perfection and staff are smartly polished with vests, ties and arm garters. BUT this is not who they really are! They want their new menu to reflect their fun, welcoming and relaxing atmosphere to suit everyone.

This cocktail menu is designed perfectly to relax the ‘bar-nerdiness’ out of cocktail bartending and any preconceived ideas about who Waterslide is. Check out the menu here. 

Just remember, if you haven’t found yourself in it yet, don’t worry somebody else already has!