Yosuke Furukawa is a highly skilled chef with over 20 years of experience in Japan and Australia, 10 of those as a head chef.

Beginning his career in hospitality as a bartender in Japan, Yosuke noticed how drinks were best enjoyed with good food. Feeling inspired, he moved into the kitchen to learn art of Japanese cuisine.

After a successful career in Japan, Yosuke’s wife convinced him to move to Australia, where he worked as head chef at Melbourne’s award winning restaurant Izakaya Den. Over the course of five years, he produced critically acclaimed izakaya style menus.

Yosuke brings his wealth of experience and passion to the position of head chef at Southgate’s Japanese cuisine and Teppanyaki restaurant Miyako. Experimenting with traditional Japanese cuisine, Yosuke has designed a unique Japanese menu with some innovative additions.

Yosuke has also completed five years of training to learn the specialised art of handcrafted udon noodles.

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