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Riverside Corolla joins Southgate’s other resident art attraction, Ophelia by Deborah Halpern, who has resided at Southgate for nearly twenty years.

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Ophelia by Deborah Halpern

Once known as ‘the face of Melbourne,’ Ophelia was inspired by the character from Hamlet, full of both love and sadness.

Halpern says Ophelia is the cousin of Angel, the sculpture that adorned the moat of the National Gallery of Victoria for nearly 20 years and now lives upstream at Birrarung Marr. Together they bring life and humanity to the river.

View Behind the art: Deborah Halpern, Ophelia.


Spot the whimsical commissioned artworks by local Melbourne street artist Be Free throughout Southgate. Wander the three levels and enjoy this celebration of Melbourne’s ecclectic street art scene.


Riverside Corolla

Riverside Corolla  draws the best of minimalisation and the accentuation of form to create a flowing suspended piece that consists of six separate petals. A ‘corolla’ is the arrangement of petals on a flower. Suspended above all three levels of Southgate’s main entrance the Riverside Corolla enhances the central atrium space.

Of his artwork, artist John Meade said: ‘Riverside Corolla is a reflection of the natural materials that have been incorporated into the Southgate redesign and the prominence of the river to the space.’

View Behind the art – John Meade, Riverside Corolla.


Ascend the escalators to the upper level and discover Southgate’s pillars, five LED controlled lights which emit colourful displays of movement and light.

Inspired by Melbourne’s reputation as Australia’s cultural capital, the installation pays homage to the city’s vibrant arts scene, and is part of Southgate’s art experience.